National Conference CITEL 2018

B. Manikandan (16MC0011) of M.E Communication Systems says “The conference was very useful as it had a welcoming atmosphere, well organized, good scale and solid content presentation. It was affordable for students. It created opportunities to network with outsiders. The conference was helpful in generating lot of ideas about how to expand skills and develop new project ideas. It was a great forum and was very valuable. It had a good mix of different topics presented. We came out of this conference with answers and solutions instead of just questions and concerns. We were, on the whole, very satisfied with this conference as it discussed new ideas. The workshop on LoRa broadened the understanding of concepts and principles of LoRa as it had the ability to carry out original research. The priority was given to the individuals. During the instructions, there was one to one contact which enabled all the participants to interact with each other. At the end of the course, we feel the training that we received was outstanding”.
The National Conference on Communication Information Technology and Electronics (CITEL 2018) was conducted by the ECE department from 9 April to 11 April, 2018. This is the 6th time the conference took place in KCT.
This conference was executed with a cluster of events which includes two pre-conference workshops, a project competition along with 2 keynote sessions and 4 paper presentation sessions.
Workshop on M2M-Lora
One of the events was a workshop on LORA, a future wireless technology, which provides long range connectivity, low battery operation, low infrastructure cost, which eliminates repeaters and improves network capacity which can be employed in Industry automation and IOT. There were 52 participants.
Current Research Challenges in Speech Signal Processing and its Applications
The next pre-conference workshop was on current research challenges in speech signal processing and its applications which was sponsored by IEI (Institution of Engineers (India)). This workshop brought together many different aspects of current research challenges in the area of speech signal processing. There were 35 participants for the workshop.
The next event was Da-Win-C, a project competition that focused on the exhibition of ideas through poster presentation and hardware implementation. 80 projects were received from across the country among which 49 were shortlisted.

This project competition was supported by 5 IEEE Chapters:
1. IEEE Robotics and automation society
2. IEEE SSIT (Society on Social Implications of Technology)
3. IEEE Women in engineering
4. IEEE Education society
5. IEEE Photonics Society

Presentation Sessions
For the presentation sessions on 11 April, 2018, 82 research papers were received among which 54 were shortlisted. Some of them are:
1. RF & Antennas
2. Signal Processing and VLSI (IEEE Women in Engineering track where in the first author of the paper is a women)
3. Embedded systems
4. Networks
Mr. Mohammed Azad, Senior Director from Mirafra Software Technologies, Bangalore, delivered a keynote address on “Do we carry right skills/Are we innovating”.
Another keynote address was on “Innovations in Communication and Telematics” which was addressed by Dr. G. Vinoth, B.E, M.S, Ph.D (USA) (1996-2000 Batch/ECE Alumnus), Start-up Evangelist & Mentor, Technology Management Consultant, Pongu Ventures, Tirunelveli.

Prizes won
1st Prize:
Prize amount: Rs. 15,000/-
Project Title: Prediction of Student Performance
Institution: Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kerala.
Student team: Najiya Nasrin, Jincy Denny, Remya Y, Ruvaiz Abdul Rahman

2nd Prize:
Prize amount: Rs. 10,000/-
Project Title: Mobile Operated Surveillance Robot
Institution: KCG College of Technology, Chennai
Student team: Vishnu Varun T, Srihari M

3rd Prize:
Prize amount: Rs. 5,000/-
Project Title: Object Detection using Machine Learning
Institution: Adi Shankara Institute of Engineering and Technology, Kerala.
Student team: Jishnu M A, Adharsh T S, Kira V R

Virtual track:
Prize amount: Rs. 10,000/-
Project Title: Water Powered Plant
Institution: Mangalam College of Engineering, Kerala.
Student team: Anal E S.

Special Women Prize:
Prize amount: Rs. 3,000/-
Project Title: Biodegradable use and throw plates
Institution: Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore
Student team: Srimathi K

Internal Participant Special mention Winners:

Project Title: Rice Straw Mineral Board
Student team: Ranjithkumar P, Rajkumar T
Department: Mechatronics

Project Title: Smart Dumpster
Student team: Gayathri, Koushik
Department: ECE

Project Title: Special Car Seat for Physically challenged people in 4 Wheelers
Student team: Karmugil V, Shivshankar T, Manoj Kumar D.
Department: Automobile Engineering




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