KCT students Hostel is an integral part of the college campus. It has two distinct sections for boys and girls students. The boys hostel comprises of six blocks with total of 510 rooms with a capacity to accommodate 2088 students. The girls hostel has a total of 264 rooms in its three blocks with a capacity to accommodate 1216 students. Apart from the hostel blocks, the hostel has dormitories in Vallalar Maiyam and Sharada Maiyam that can accommodate around 90 and 70 students respectively. The residents of the hostel are given rooms in a sharing basis. All common areas like dining, washrooms, lobby etc. are provided in the hostels.  Every hostel block has solar hot water facility, mineral water, Hot/Cold water dispenser, News paper, Wi-Fi and common ironing and reading room. TV, Hub (Browsing Centre), Gym and indoor games are available as common facility for the hostel students. Dining hall is conveniently located close to the hostels.



Our Hostel Mess, presently feeding Girls and Boys, is run by the contractor M/s Raja Rajeswari Kitchen and M/s Mathampatti Food Service. Only Vegetarian food is served in the mess. The mess is run on a fixed rate system. For the smooth functioning of Hostel mess, there is a Mess Manager who looks after the day – to – day affairs of the Hostel mess and guides the Mess Committee in the smooth functioning of the hostel and mess. All residents are required to take their meals in the dining hall during the prescribed mess timings. Membership to the mess is compulsory for every student of all Hostels.


Total No. of students

  • Boys – 2143
  • Girls – 1027
  • Total = 3170


Dining Halls

  • No. of dining halls for boys – 4
  • Saradamayam : No. of dining halls for girls – 4


Seating Capacity

  • Boys dining – 1356
  • Girls dining – 1000
  • Total – 2356
  • Staff dining Capacity – 36

Mess Timing:

Mess Working Days Holidays
Breakfast       07.00 am to 09.00 am


07.00 am to 10.00 am


Lunch       12.00 noon to 02.00 pm


2.00 noon to 02.30 pm
Snacks        04.30 pm to 06.00 pm


04.30 pm to 06.00 pm


Dinner       07.00 pm to 09.00 pm


07.00 pm to 09.00 pm



15 minutes grace time allowed for late comers


Menu is decided by the mess committee. At present five different menus are followed in rotation in a 5 weeks- cycle.

  • First week – As per II year Boys students
  • Second week – As per III year Boys students
  • Third week – As per IV year Boys students
  • Fourth week – As per Girl students A Hostel
  • Fifth week – As per Girl students B Hostel


Any discrepancies in the above menu will be sorted out by Student Forum.


Menu Highlights

  • Every Monday – Lunch with special sweet (Jangry, Soan Papdy, Laddu, Badhushaw etc).
  • Weekly thrice medhu vadai is provided (along with pongal, idly, kitchedy etc).
  • once especially on Friday, payasam (semiya, dhall, wheat etc.) is provided along with lunch Weekly once masal vadai, keera vadai is provided along with lunch.
  • Weekly once Ice cream (veninnla, pista, pinapple, orange etc.) is provided along with dinner.
  • Banana is provided on every day with dinner except on days with ice cream.
  • Whenever briyani ,sambar sadham, fried rice are in the menu, potato chips are provided.
  • Appalam is provided along with lunch on every day.
  • All the days curd will be provided along with lunch.
  • During tea time, snacks (variety of puffs, murukku, samosa, coconut bun, mixture, bajji, sundal etc) will be served all days.
  • Egg will be provided weekly twice with lunch by coupon system.
  • Milk is provided on all days along with dinner based on the coupon system.
  • Egg briyani (with two egg) is provided on all Sundays in the place of lunch.
  • Chilly gobi / manjurian is provided with plain briyani as an alternative to the above.


Menu Highlights

A Gala dinner is served every month during middle of last week (A Sample Menu Given)

  • Sweet Rasa Gula,
  • Romali rotti-3 nos,
  • Panner Peas Gravy,
  • Tomato Soup,
  • Veg Mushroom Biriyani,
  • Onion Raitha,
  • Plain gravy (veg)
  • Chips,
  • Gopi Manjoorian,
  • Curd Semiya (with fruits)
  • Ice Cream,
  • Pickle.


Mess Charges

Mess charges are calculated on fixed rate plus taxes as applicable. Monthly mess bill will be deducted from mess advance paid.

Students – Rs. 95/- + tax per day    Rs.2945/- per month
KCT Staff –   Rs.40/- per meal



Rebate on mess charges for who go out for `n- days with intimation in advance will be given for (n-4) days. Residents going out of station for 4 days or more should apply for reduction in prescribed form to the Care taker at least one day in advance failing which the mess bill will be charged in full. Late submission will not be entertained. Anyone found dining at any meal during the period of absence intimated shall forfeit the entire rebate. No rebate will be given for less than 4 days of absence.


R O Water

Purified water from Reverse Osmosis plant is utilized for cooking and drinking. Hot water is also provided for cooking and drinking purposes.



Cleanliness, ease of working and time saving are the crucial factors that have gone into the design of kitchen at the KCT Hostel. Steam and LPG power the kitchen. All vessels, both cooking and serving, are of quality stainless steel.
Mechanization with State of of the art devices in the kitchen: Convotherm combi / Bakery Oven, Chung Shen-Cooking Mixer, Automatic Chapatti Making Machine, Automatic Dosa making Machine ,Idiyappam Machine, Universal peeler , wet grinders, dough makers, vegetable cutters, cold storage, dishwashers, etc.



All items are prepared hygienically with extra care in centralized kitchen only (except dosa). Quality of food is checked at every stage of preparation by Mess Manager Due to combioven equipment, the volume of cooked rice increases with no draining of rice water and the nutrients. While cooking sambar, kuruma or any kind of gravy, the bottom of vessel does not get burnt. As we are using chappathi machine, the chapattis are produced hygienically and uniformly.



Since we are having Bain Marie, the food is served hot. also reduced to the certain level. We are able to manage the crowd at peak hours minimizing wastage of food and maintaining hygienic condition.


Cleaning Equipment

Conveyor Dishwasher – This machine is used for sterilizing and washing of plates, tumblers, Jugs, bottles and the utensils.

High pressure jet cleaner – This machine is used for cleaning cooked vessels under sterilized condition.

Wizzard floor cleaner – This machine is used for floor cleaning with less consumption of soap oil and water.



Every month mess committee meeting is held with students, residential tutors, SWO, wardens, Mess Manager and Catering Unit Manager.
Daily mess information report is submitted to higher authorities. Collecting the feedback from the students is done through daily mess quality information forms. Remarks from higher authorities and students are discussed with Contractor immediately recording explanation. Housekeeping schedule is periodically inspected.


Future proposal

Fast foods, Fruits, Chocolates, Ice-cream, Cool drinks to be introduced in special counters of our mess premises on payment.
Establishing food mall with cash and carry.


House Keeping

Daily House Keeping information report is submitted to higher authorities.


Hostel Maintenance

INFRA, WATER, Electrical -Check daily basis and Students complaints taken care Immediately.


Special Feature

Residential tutor Counseling(Academic and non academic).




Contact Info

College      : 0422-2661100
Fax             : 0422-2669406
Placement : 0422-2661515
Principal    : 0422-2661121
E-mail        :

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