Computing Infrastructure

As computers have well demonstrated their effectiveness in enhancing the convenience and speed of information processing, storage and sharing in all organizations, they have become the most significant components of educational infrastructure. The academic needs of all the departments as well as the needs from administrative activities are well satisfied by the large number of Personal Computers (presently around 2050), most of them with high end processors (like Intel Core i5) and sourced from reputed manufacturers like Dell, HP,  Lenova and  Zenith.

Large clusters of PCs are networked as LANs and are used for the laboratory classes under the curriculum not only in Computer Science related courses but also in many allied areas with computer based design and analysis as parts of the course program. 120 PCs are connected to the LAN inside the I year Computer Lab and are intensively used for acquiring basic skills in programming. Language Lab also employs 45 PCs for self-learning of correct usage of English by students. There is also a centralized Computer Aided Design (CAD) Lab with 120 high end PCs used by several departments involved in design of structures, equipment, vehicles etc. Many of them use powerful software like ANSYS, CATIA etc. Specialized software for domain specific analysis and design applications are available with individual departments, while commonly used applications are loaded in the central servers.

All the computers are interconnected with 13 Nos. of HP BL460C Blade Servers housed in a HP C6000 Blade Enclosure , 3 Numbers of  HP Xeon  DL 360P and 2 Nos of Lenovo X3650 Xeon  located in a Centralized Server Room through a multilayer hierarchical network using core, distribution and access level switches. While the computers inside academic blocks are connected using AMP CAT 6 UTP cables, all the blocks are interconnected using fibre optic cables and the servers are connected to this fibre based backbone.

Campus Network Configuration

Internet Connectivity

256 MBPS of internet bandwidth availability to the campus is ensured through  dedicated leased line from Airtel  ISP. The campus network is connected to these lines through our Cisco 3825 series Router and Extreme  X460 G2 – 48X core switch located in our server room. This switch is configured with our own Checkpoint Firewall with different access control polices for different groups of users.

We have a dedicated internet access center for students with   30 PCs, located inside the Central Library premises and kept open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. on all days. In addition, there are net access centers in Boys’ Hostel premises with 25 computers and Girls’ Hostel premises with  25 computers. All the staff members are having access to internet connected computers. Since all the computers are connected to the campus network, any of them can be enabled to access the internet. As of now, about 2050 PCs in the campus are enabled to access the internet through our wired network infrastructure.

Wi-Fi connectivity has been provided to all the academic departments located in Dr. Mahalingam Vigyan Bhavan. Efforts are on the way to provide similar facilities at all other academic blocks. All the hostels are provided with Wi-Fi using Aruba Network products. After the office hours, the entire internet bandwidth is made use of by students in the hostels.

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