1. What is the nature of NCC activity in the institution?

NCC is a voluntary organization and is dedicated to provide the necessary platform for defense aspirants exclusively as well as UPSC/TNPSC, Bank, Civil Defense and Group Exam aspirants.


2. What are the pre-requisites for joining NCC Air Wing?

The candidates are expected to be physically fit, mentally sound and emotionally stable while they appear for the enrolment process. Our wing belongs to the 5(TN)AirSqn(Tech)NCC unit, and hence being a technical branch, is the best choice for aspirants aiming for technical sectors in Defense Forces.


3. What are the expectations of the wing?

StuThe cadets are expected to be disciplined, i.e., well groomed, punctual, obedient and volunteering.


4. What are the outcomes other than a defense career during the three years period in NCC Air Wing?

  • Added advantage in career pursuit with a ‘A’ grade in NCC C-Certificate
  • Also has a prominent importance in UPSC and other govt. exams
  • Developing a solid leadership quality
  • Better physical fitness
  • Well-disciplined profile


5. What are the various camps that can be attended?

  • Vayu Sainik Camp (VSC)
  • National Integration Camp (NIC)
  • Combined Annual Training Camp (CATC)
  • Republic Day Camp (RDC)
  • National Sports Camp
  • Leadership Camps
  • Trekking Camp
  • Skiing Camp
  • Rock Climbing Camp




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