Mathematics courses embedded with MATLAB software has been introduced for the First and the Second-semester B.E & B.Tech programmes.

Symbolic Math toolbox with MATLAB software


Physics Laboratory –  Approved Research Laboratory

 S.No Name of the Equipments
1. Ultrasonic Interferometer
2. Travelling Microscope
3. Spectrometer
4. He-Ne Laser
5. Diode Laser
6. Polarimeter
7. Analytical Balance
8. Micrometer slide comparator
9. Four  Probe setup
10. Hall Effect setup
11. Electrodeposition unit
12 Spin Coater
14 Optical isolation table



Chemistry Laboratory –  Name of the Major/Minor Equipments/Apparatus

 S.No Name of the Equipments
1. Digital pH meter
2. Digital potentiometer
3. Hot plate with thermostat
4. Digital spectrophotometer
5. Digital Nephelometer
6. Digital  Conductivity meter  601 – EI
7. Refrigerator 185 lit -GOE19B2
8. Digital Flame Photometer Model 123
9. Cyber scan bench top conductivity / TDS meter Model 510
10 Flash point apparatus
11 Fire point apparatus
12 Viscometer – Saybolt Viscometer
13 Cloud & Pour point apparatus
14 Muffle furnace
15 Hot air oven
16 Hotplate with stirrer
17 Fume hood
18 Incubator
19 Double distillation unit
20 Stirrer (Magnetic and Mechanical)
21 Orbital shaker
22 Water bath
23 Colorimeter
24 Metallurgical Microscope
25 Digital Microscope
26 Shimadzu digital weighing balance
27 Centrifugal Apparatus
28 Water testing electrodes
29 Computational facility – Gaussian software



Language Laboratory – CALL HUB (Computer Assisted Language Learning)

The CALL Hub is equipped with 75 computers that are connected by LAN.  It facilitates students’ learning experience by providing adequate exposure to language tutorials.  The students are also exposed to web resources, self-study resources and online tutorials that imparts training learners belonging to all academic levels.

There are several programmed lessons and self-study language packages available in the CALL HUB to enhance the communicative competence of the technocrats.

The following is the list of language programmes that are used in our language lab.

  • Self-study material for IELTS & TOEFL
  • Programmed lessons on Spoken English
  • Body Language – Nonverbal Communication
  • Interview Etiquette
  • Presentation skills and Group Discussions Business Communication




The Mathematics in Computer Algebra System (CAS), is a modern computing technology that provides great learning and teaching opportunities to both students as well as instructors. MATLAB is one of the most popular CAS programs that is widely used in mathematics classrooms especially at KCT. As more and more universities are adopting its use in education, it is necessary to study and analyze how the software could be used in teaching and learning of mathematics. MATLAB has been used in problem solving, computation, and visualization of mathematics through mathematical explorations etc. MATLAB is a technology that is used for developing mathematical thinking, concepts and skills, and a source of motivating students for learning mathematics. It is also a very useful tool in demonstrating connections in various underlying mathematical concepts in the teaching and learning processes.

One of the greatest benefits of computer technology is the accessibility of the mathematical concepts through visualization. MATLAB is one of the best known software which contains mathematical data visualization capabilities. MATLAB as a visualization tool has been used in the courses like linear algebra, calculus and differential equations etc. MATLAB is used as a visualization tool for applications of linear algebra course. MATLAB was used to teach undergraduate engineering mathematics students, Burton et al (2004).

The aim of introducing MATLAB in curriculum was to support students’ visual and graphical understanding of mathematics and their access to the numerical computation of the course.




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