About Science & Humanities 

The Department of Science and Humanities was inaugurated in the year 1984 with the inception of the college. It comprises four divisions namely Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and English. Having 60 well-experienced faculty members with a strong desire for an innovative approach to academics and research, the department is presently headed by Dr. P. Devaki. The Unique strength of the department is its excellent coordination in carrying out the academic responsibilities effectively. It caters to the requirements of the society. It visions to transform the younger generation into responsible voters and aspires to lead the budding engineers towards the path of success. The department has a separate block which includes state-of-the-art infrastructure. It seeks to sustain and enhance excellence in an institution of higher learning of Technology. It is committed to produce competent graduates with the suitable skill required for industry and market place adding to provide better communication skills and societal obligations. 

Objectives of the Department

To impart the fundamental knowledge of the students in all facets of Science and Humanities needed to acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Engineering besides, bridging the curricular gap between the school and collegiate education.


To train and develop the basic skill-sets which in turn facilitates the students in achieving academic excellence.

To introduce innovative teaching methodologies and evaluation strategies which shall chisel the professional etiquette of the students.


To inculcate the importance of Basic Sciences and develop a natural flair for Engineering and Technology which in turn shall mould the student into a competent professional.



  • Secured project worth Rs.55.6 lakhs.
  • Science Academies Lecture Workshop conducted on “Some Recent Trends in Physics” 07th to 9th September 2016.
  • Two major research proposals of Rs.36 lakhs submitted to DST-SERB and both are in final stage for approval.

From the HoD’s desk:

The Department of Science & Humanities indoctrinates a strong base in Applied Sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry), language and communication (English, French, German, Japanese and Hindi) to the students of Engineering & Technology. Thereby, it acts as the bedrock of all technical sciences. The department comprises 60 erudite faculty members who well attune the students with the emerging trends in all their respective fields with a robust craving for innovative approach in teaching and mentoring pupils. Dr.P.Devaki, an eminent administrator, heads the department with her dedicated service and profound knowledge. The department endeavors unceasingly to divulge the knowledge of basic science and communication, which is much obligatory for the professional novices. This fundamental knowledge aids pupils acquire better expertise in all disciplines of Engineering procured in the institution. The distinctive strength of the department is the exceptional coordination in carrying out the academic tasks. It caters to the requirements of the society and shapes the next generation into better citizens. The department seeks to sustain and enhance excellence in an institution of higher learning of Technology. It is committed to produce expertise graduates with the required industry / market specific skills, technical expertise, industry-ready knowledge and societal obligations.




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