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Name of the researcher or researchers      :Dr.R.Venkatesan, Dr.K.Thangamani  (Team members)

Title of the research                                        : Design and development of Repair system for Powerloom

Year when the research was started           : 2017

Status of the research                                    : Completed

When it is expected to finish                         : 2018

Fund                                                                  : 2.1 Lakhs


Name of the researcher or researchers            : Mr.K.Murugesan,Dr.M.Saravanamohan(Team members)

Title of the research                                               : Engineering of Gimbals System for Seeker    Head for Project ASTRA

Year when the research was started               : 2018

Status of the research                                       : Currently on going

When it is expected to finish                           : 2020

Fund                                                                    : Rs. 9.44 Lakhs



Partnership for consultancy and Internship with Fine Automation, Ganapathy

Partnership for consultancy and Internship with Arm Technologies ,Ganapathy, Coimbatore

– Partnership for student and faculty research projects and internship in Innovative invaders, Coimbatore.

– Partnership for consultancy and Internship with B&K,Chennai.



.  Rajkumar R., Vasuki A. (2018) Histogram Modification and Bi-level MomentPreservation Based Reversible Watermarking. In: Hemanth D., Smys S. (eds) Computational Vision and Bio Inspired Computing. Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, vol 28. Springer, Cham

.  Vasuki (2017), Chapter Title : Certain Applications and Case Studies of Evolutionary Computing Techniques for Image Processing, Book Title : Biologically Rationalized Computing Techniques for Image Processing Applications, Lecture Notes in Computational Vision and Biomechanics, Vol. 25, Springer International Publishing,    pp. 273 – 296.

.  Vasuki, S.Govindaraju (2017), Chapter Title : Deep Neural Networks for Image Classification, Book Title :Deep Learning for Image Processing Applications, Advances in Parallel Computing, Vol. 31, IOS Press, pp. 27 – 49.



Dr.A.Vasuki Reviewed the journal paper titled, “Implementation of Reconfigurable Smart Sensor Interface for WSN Applications”, Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, Dec. 2017.

Dr.A.VasukiJournal paper titled, “Low-Light Image Enhancement Using Learning Automata”, IET Image Processing, May 2018.

A.Vasuki Journal paper titled, “An efficient image classification technique for weather degraded fruit images’”, IET Image Processing, May 2018.




Fine Automation, Ganapathy, Coimbatore,

Carton Box plotting work station

Dr.R.Venkatesan, Head of the Mechatronics Department

Rs. 10,000


ARM Technologies Ganapathy, Coimbatore.

Circuit design for LED driver

Mr.P.Anush , Assistant Profession

Rs. 7000


M/s. Ezon Energy solutions (P) Ltd., Coimbatore, at CEAD, KCT,

Three Axis Solar Tracker Research Project.


Rs.5 lakhs.

Faculty Patents:

S. No.


Name of the Patent Owner


Title of the Patent


Patent Number


1 Dr. S. A. Pasupathy


Induction based Coir Drier Machine 201641016425
2 Mr. R. Raffik,

Asst. Professor

Egg-Yolk Albumin Separator 201641016426
3 Mr. R. Raffik,

Asst. Professor

Electric Steam heated Lunch Carrier for Indian Food(Lunch Mate) 201641017423
4 Dr.R.Venkatesan Design And Development of Cosine Profiled Extrusion Die 4543/CHE/2014 A
5 Mr.A.Ramkumar Apparatus and method of fluid absorption and wet back tester for absorbent pads 14.02.2018 TEMP/E-1/5955/2018-CHE




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