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Name: Abishek Chandrasekar, Batch: 2010
Mechatronics was a term that I had never heard until I got my board results. From the research I had done about the course, I had an idea about what this modern branch of Engineering had to offer. I had learnt that it had something to do with Robots and that it was a amalgamation of the fundamental branches like Mechanical and Electrical engineering. But after four years, I have realized that it is much more than that. I anticipate that the Mechatronics is the future of engineering and it will pave the way to a world of intelligent houses and cars that drive themselves. I owe to the Department, for all that I learnt during these four years. I am confident that as an engineer, I have a strong foundation, and I would not have gained all that without the help of the teaching and non-teaching faculty members of Mechatronics Engineering.


test_2Name: M.Sruthi, Batch: 2010
When I first joined in the department of Mechatronics, I thought it was a combination of mechanics and electronics. However, now I am completing my final year and have a different opinion altogether. It is an inter-disciplinary department that incorporates several branches of engineering. The past three years have been very productive and enlightening in all aspects. We worked our way through the fundamentals of engineering right up to the latest in cutting edge technology. The head of the department and the staff were very supportive and were constantly encouraging us to venture into new fields of engineering. With their help and support we are proud to state that we are qualified engineers of the world. Being multidisciplinary course, it helped me venture into many fields and find my place in the field of engineering. Wishing to pursue my masters in Industrial Engineering, I am very grateful to the department for being a launch pad for me.


test_3Name: S.Gunasekaran, Batch: 2010
Landing in Mechatronics engineering was a dream comes true for me. Since from my child hood, I have dreamt about the robots.  After my schooling, I was hunting for the robotics course and I learnt that the Mechatronics engineering is the basics for interdisciplinary work. I joined at Kumaraguru College of Technology for its uniqueness in the state to pursue my Mechatronics programme.
Starting my course in the department provided me an excellent experience. The faculty members kindled my interest to learn the relevant engineering to develop the modern mechatronic systems. Moreover, the facilities in the department provided me an opportunity to learn theory and practice.  The knowledge I acquired during the last four years of the program earned me a job in Soliton Automation, Bangalore. I have already started working in that company and I could complete the work assigned to me with ease due to the knowledge I gained at KCT. I appreciate the management and faculty members for providing excellent infrastructure and learning facilities.


Alumni testimonials about Department:   
Name:             S. Lokesh Naveenkumar
Designation:   Director
Company :   Manchester Holidays Travel and leisure
Testimonials: One of the best departments to be in KCT. Staffs are very friendly and easily approachable. All labs are very well equipped.  Students of   Mechatronics are known for their unity and their creativity. My life in Mechatronics department provided me an opportunity experiment with very new things.


Name: Arunraj S
Designation:       Program analyst
Company:            Cognizant solution Pvt ltd
test_5Testimonials:  As a KCT Mechatronics Alumnus, I am feeling so proud to write some feedback to the department.   Our department has initiated many new things for teaching-learning process. The inclusion of courses like Virtual Instrumentation, DSP, Thermodynamics and Embedded Systems is highly appreciated and meeting the industry requirements. The department has invested huge amount to establish a physical robotics lab, which will provide a very good opportunity to the students to experience the industry in the institute. Although the department has very good lab facilities, my suggestion is to integrate the practicals with theory, so as to make the student comprehend the concept well.   It is also important to the department to provide specialist training based on the industry requirements. Moreover, employing a third party external vendor to teach CAD/CAM, software will definitely help the students to be employable.


Name : Gowtham Balaji G        
Designation : Project Engineer
Company: Soliton Technologies Pvt Ltd,Bangalore
test_6Testimonials:  Today’s technological world expects engineers to have a broad knowledge spectrum over various domains like Mechanicals, Electronics, Logics and Computing, Management, etc. Who can cater such a special need at Engineering applications sectors? There stands Mechatronics Engineering. What is Mechatronics? Is it a narrowed down specialization? No. Mechatronics is the superset of all engineering streams. Today, World is getting automated at a higher rate. Pure Mechanical automated systems are obsolete now. From space shuttle to nanobots, Mechatronics has it stand.
KCT’s Department of Mechatronics Engineering offers a lively undergraduate course on Mechatronics Engineering. The department houses a unique combination of faculties and facilities. This combination makes the students gain a good learning curve. The specialization of each faculty is different which acts as broad knowledge source. The Laboratory facilities help us to gain good practical knowledge. They gradually get improvised to make sure that the students get opportunity to play with the new high end technologies. Every person at the department tends to support the students round the clock. I feel proud that I had the opportunity to do my UG course on Mechatronics Engineering at KCT. My sincere gratitude to all my faculties and Dept. of MCE, KCT.


Name : Sudhir.R       
Designation: Calibration engineer
Company: TVS Diesel Systems Limited
test_7Testimonials: I completed my bachelors in Mechatronics engineering from Kumaraguru College of technology.
In the initial days, I had a doubts about the future prospects after completing the programme.  But to my surprise, the staffs of Mechatronics engineering were at par, in making the students quickly accustom to the curriculum. The department of Mechatronics engineering is a renowned department for its state of the art laboratory facilities. Since the curriculum involves all the aspects of mechanical, electrical, electronics and even automobile engineering, it helped me to fectch a job as a calibration engineer at Delphi-TVS, and has a big responsibility to calibrate CR systems of all the Tata vehicles. The course on sensors and instrumentation I learnt during my under graduation is helping me a lot. I am proud to be a part of one of the best and the most innovative global research societies of Mechatronics engineers.



Industry testimonials about the department:

Name: M Jeyaselvan
Designation: Senior Manager – NVH, Technology
Company: ELGI Equipments Limited | Singanallur, Coimbatore – 641 005, India.
test_8Testimonials: I have visited M/s KCT a few times in the last six months at different roles. The campus is well maintained with lots of avenues and opportunities for student activities for their overall development. Also being a member of Board of studies in the Mechatronics, I was surprised by the enthusiasm shown by the HOD & the Department of Mechatronics in incorporating the recommendations of the industrial needs in the curriculum. The syllabus framed is excellent in terms of the content and spirit and synchronises well with the technology developments in the recent past. The laboratories and the facilities are well adequate to meet the requirements of the curriculum and beyond. Dr. Pasupathy has been very instrumental in spearheading the team by organising workshops/seminars in the current areas of development like NVH and dynamics, which is highly essential and plays a key role in the new product development process. This would enable the students more employable in core industries and is in the right direction forward to develop a sustained and stable economy in a country like ours”.


Name: Shyam.N
Designation: Asst Manager, Product Development
Company: Royal Enfield (A Unit of Eichers Motors Ltd)
test_9Testimonials: I would like to thank you for providing me this opportunity. I visited the department and delivered a guest lecture on —
I found that the facilities available in the department are excellent and all the labs are well maintained. Especially, the facilities available in robotics and CAD / CAM laboratory are well equipped and up to the mark.
After reviewing the syllabus, I felt that it is very extensive and almost covers the major areas of mechanical and electronics. I personally feel the elective course on Unconventional machining is little unrelated to this field. I recommend including the following courses as electives to meet the demands of the industry:
1) Simulation on SIMULINK and MATLAB
2) Geometric dimensioning and tolerance (GD & T)
3) Measurement System Analysis (MSA).

New addition:

“On board circuitry”lab has been newly developed for 2014 regulation.

 Updated PLC lab with real time application such as bottle filling systems controlled by various PLCs.




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