• Well equipped class rooms and Faculty rooms
  • Metal cutting research Facilities
  • Welding research Facilities
  • Computerized IC Engine Testing Facility
  • Computing facilities with latest softwares
  • Advanced CAM Laboratory (Including CNC Turning Centre and CNC Machining Center)
  • Air conditioned conference room
  • Department Library with access to OPAC, NPTEL and online journal publications




  • No of Ph. D.s – 18
  • Faculty pursuing Ph. D – 16
  • Anna University recognized Research Supervisors – 9
  • Faculty members with Industrial background – 17
  • All faculty members are with minimum M. E. qualification.
  • Faculty members are Heading / office bearers in various centers of our institution.
  • Prof. T.R.SUKUMAR is the Vice chairman of SOCIETY OF INDIAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING (Coimbatore – Chapter)




  • 12 Students became Entrepreneurs in last three years.
  • Our Alumni Mr. S. Gowri Shankar is Brand Ambassador for COGNIZANT TECHNOLOGIES.
  • 252 students participated in various technical events in the last academic year.
  • 65 papers were presented in technical symposia / conferences in the last academic year.


Industrial Visits

Partial list of companies visited by our students

  • M/s. Aquasub, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Chiranjjeevi Wind Energy Limited, Udumalai
  • M/s. Govt Soap Factory, Bengaluru
  • M/s. Govt Tools, Mysore
  • M/s. Hema Engineering Industries Ltd
  • M/s. HMT Machine Tools Ltd, Bangalore
  • M/s. HUMMEL Connector Systems Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore
  • M/s. ISRO, Mahendragiri
  • M/s. Kundha power House, Nilgiris
  • M/s. LMW – Coimbatore
  • M/s. Micro-tech CNC Private Ltd – Hosur
  • M/s. National Textile Corporation Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Rudra coco product and Green vision Exports – Pollachi
  • M/s. SAIL- SALEM
  • M/s. Sakthi Auto Component Limited, Erode
  • M/s. Sakthi Sugars Limited, Erode
  • M/s. Sakthi Sugars Ltd – Soya Division – Pollachi
  • M/s. SMK Prakash – Bangalore
  • M/s. TEXMO Precision castings, Pollachi
  • M/s. Thirumalai Textiles Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. VST Tillers Ltd, Bengaluru




Collaborative training and internships in Industries. A partial list

  • M/s. Ashok Leyland, Chennai
  • M/s. Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited, Trichy
  • M/s. Craftman Automation, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Daimler India Commercial Vehicles Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. Devas Engineering Systems Pvt Ltd, Hosur
  • M/s. ELGIEquipments Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Flow Links Systems (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Fluidics, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Gishnu Gears, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Gofrugal Technologies, Chennai
  • M/s. G-Plast Private Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Grundfos Pumps India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. HAL, Bengaluru
  • M/s. Haworth India Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. Hyundai Motor India Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. ISRO Satellite Center, Bangalore
  • M/s. Jega Precision Drives (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Jyoti CNC Automation Ltd, Bangalore
  • M/s. Kavin Engineering and Service Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. KM Dairy, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Kyunghin Industrial MothersonPvt Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. L&T Shipbuilding, Chennai
  • M/s. L&T Valves, Coimbatore
  • M/s. L&T, Chennai
  • M/s. NLC India Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. Oriental Plants &EquipmentsPvt ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Pricol Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Pricol Technologies, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Robert Bosch, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Roots Cast Private Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Roots Industries India Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Roots Multiclean Ltd
  • M/s. Royal Enfield, Chennai
  • M/s. RR Engineering and Technologies, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sakthi Auto Components, Erode
  • M/s. Sakthi Sugars (Diary) , Pollachi
  • M/s. San Engineering & Locomotive Co Ltd, Bengaluru
  • M/s. SparkindPlast, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sree Anand Engineering Works, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Swagath Industrial Corporation, Coimbatore
  • M/s. TATA Advanced Systems Ltd, Hyderabad
  • M/s. The ACETECH Machinery Components India Private Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. WABCO Vehicle Control Systems, Chennai


Industrial Projects

Partial list of companies where students have done their industrial projects

  • M/s. ISRO Satellite Center, Bengaluru
  • M/s. Sakthi Auto Component Ltd, Erode
  • M/s. Arumugam Match works, Sankarankovil
  • M/s. Neyveli Lignite Corporation Ltd, Neyveli
  • M/s. Jayam Engineering and Tools, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Salzer Electronics Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. The Travancore – Cochin Chemicals Ltd, Ernakulam
  • M/s. Best Engineering Pumps Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. ACC Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Athammal Spinners, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Coir India, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Roots Industries India Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Nandini Gears, Coimbatore
  • M/s. The Acetech Machinery Components, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sharp Electrodes Pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sea Hydrosys, Chennai
  • M/s. Balaji Engineers, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sodaltech, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Gowtham Anoora Engineers, Tirupur


In plant training

Partial list of companies where students have done their inplant training

  • M/s. AADHI cars private limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Anwesha Engineering & Construction limited, Vadodara
  • M/s. Apex Steel & Technology (India) Private Ltd
  • M/s. Aquasub Engineering, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Ashok Leyland, Hosur
  • M/s. Barani Hydraulics India Private Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Best Engineers Pump Pvt.Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Bill Forge (P) Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. CADD centre training services, Erode
  • M/s. Craftsman Automation, Coimbatore
  • M/s. DIESEL LOCO SHED, Erode
  • M/s. Eltex Super Castings, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Flowserve, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Goodwin Motors, Chennai
  • M/s. Grupo Antolin India Private Ltd, Kanchipuram
  • M/s. Hirotec India Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. ICS Industries Chimiques du, Senegal
  • M/s. L.G. Balakrishnan & Bros limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. M.S.K Engineering works, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Mahendra Submersible Pumps pvt. Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Mettur Thermal Power Station-1, Mettur
  • M/s. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries India Precision Tools Ltd, Vellore
  • M/s. National Textile Corporation Ltd, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Nissan Motors ltd, Salem
  • M/s. Pricol Limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Prim Engineering, Coimbatore
  • M/s. PRT Engineering works, Salem
  • M/s. Rabwin Industries private limited, Coimbatore,
  • M/s. Rajshree Ford, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Roots Industries India limited, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Sakthi Auto Component Limited, Erode
  • M/s. Salem Steel Plant, Salem
  • M/s. Saraswathi Castings, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Seshasayee Paper and Boards limited, Erode
  • M/s. Sharp Industries, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Shasthi Car Private Ltd, Tiruppur
  • M/s. SPIRO solutions pvt ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. Steel Authority of India Limited, Salem
  • M/s. Superteck Industries, Coimbatore
  • M/s. Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation Ltd, Maruthur
  • M/s. Tamil Nadu Newsprint and Papers Limited, Karur
  • M/s. Tamilnadu State Transport Corporation Ltd, Dindigul
  • M/s. Titan Company Ltd, Hosur
  • M/s. TVS Motor Company, Chennai
  • M/s. TVS Motor Componay, Hosur
  • M/s. TVS Sundaram Fastners Ltd, Chennai
  • M/s. TVS Training Services, Chennai
  • M/s. Vee Gee Cowma milk, Palakkad
  • M/s. Vijay Engineering, Coimbatore
  • M/s. VST service station, Salem
  • M/s. VXL Systems, Coimbatore


Patents filed

  • Mr. V. Dharni Vasudhevan, our Alumni, filed a patent on “Design of a Multi Chamber Flow Splitting Muffler”.
  • Mr. B. Jeeva, Assistant Professor-I, filed a patent on “Compression Ignition Internal Combustion engine operating on diesel or gasoline”.
  • Dr. K. M. Senthilkumar, Associate Professor and three of our students: Mr. Vigneshwaran. P. V,
    Mr. RanjithKhumar. S and Mr. Suresh. M filed an Indian patent on “Design of portable Winter studio apartment with fixed and movable accessories using organic technology” in 4th March 2016.
  • Dr. A. P. Arun, Assistant Professor filed a patent on “An Automated Personalized Shopping cart” in 23rdMarch 2016 in collaboration with Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited, Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu.
  • Dr. A. P. Arun, Assistant Professor filed a patent on “Toothpaste dispensing toothbrush” in 5thMay 2016 in collaboration with Allinnov Research and Development Private Limited, Krishnagiri, Tamilnadu.
  • Mr. Mohan Kumar R. S., Assistant Professor along with our students Mr. Shreedhar K. M., and Mr. Ragupathi S filed a patent on “Design and fabrication of water weed removing machine”
  • Dr. A. P. Arun, Assistant Professor and Dr. Ramalatha M. Professor / ECE along with our students Mr. Sibisangamesh M, Mr. Venkatanarayan R R, Mr. Sujithroy S, Mr. Sanjay venkatesh J, and Mr. Sankar S has filed a patent on “Development of Active Ankle Foot Orthosis for Foot drop”
  • Mr. M. Balamurugan, Assistant Professor, along with our students Mr. Balu V, Mr. Shanmugam V, Mr. Mukesh S filed a patent on “Fabrication of mini harvesting machine”
  • Dr. R. Manivel, Professor / Mech. Dr. M.Shanmugaprakash AssistantProfessor,and Dr. Karthik Rajendran, Bio Technology and Dr.G.L.Sathyamoorty, Prof. Civil filed a patent on “Interconnected U-tube measuring gas flow meter (Design Patent)”
  • Mr. S. Rajesh, Assistant Professor along with our students Mr. K.Praveenkumar, Mr. Jagadeshreddy, Mr. Mithun raja S filed a patent on “Atmospheric Water Generator Using Refrigeration And Peltier Effect “
  • Dr. N. Sangeetha, Senior Associate Professor, along with Mr. Babin Thoma Dhas, MECH, Ms. Krithikaa Gopalsamy B, and Harinisree Arul Murugan, Bio-Technology filed a patent on “Design and Implementation Of Collecting And Processing System For Throw Away By Passenger In Train”


Employability enhancing courses

  • Non-destructive testing
  • Solidworks
  • AutoCAD




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