Research activities

Research Projects
S.No Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount

(in lakhs)

1. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu


Intelligent device for ankle

foot Orthosis

TNSCST, Chennai 0.08 2013-14
2. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu


Design and automation of ECO friendly product machinery IEEE Madras Section 0.15 2013-15
3. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu EPICS -in- IEEE IEEE 8.92 2014-15
4. Dr. M. Alamelu

Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu



Smart agriculture for sustainable food production IEEE Foundation USA  




5. Dr.K.R.Baskaran Vehicle Communication Assistive system KCT Re’ 0.43 2016-17
6. Dr.N.Suganthi Flexibility in car door system using finger print KCT Re’ 0.12 2016-17
7. Dr. N. Suganthi

Dr. J. Cynthia

Dr.M. Alagumeenaakshi

Elephant Intrusion Detection, Alert and Repulsive System to avoid human elephant conflict in Maruthamalai- Thanikandy zone Ramanandha 

Adigalar Foundation

(RAF Trust)

1.13 2016-18
8 Ramalatha Marimuthu


S.Kanagaraj, Mr.Navaneethakrishnan,

Rehabilitation for sustainable future of Delta farmers IEEE 7.0 2019-2020
S.No. Name of the faculty Project Title Funding Agency Amount

(in lakhs)

1. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu WIE Video Project IEEE 12.5 2011-12
2. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu After the Break – Returning Mothers ABI, IEEE 0.45 2014-15
3. Dr. J. Cynthia

Mr. S.Kanagaraj

Real Time Pollution Monitoring system Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board Good Will


4. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu A cognitive approach for stoke Rehabilitation by Acute Hand Monitoring KMCH


Good Will


5. Dr. N.Suganthi

Mr. S. Kanagaraj

Embedded Systems and sensor Technologies IEEE 0.10 2015-16
6. Ms.N.Rajathi


Data Analytics and  Research Institution of Engineers India 0.20 2015-16
7. Dr.J.Cynthia

Ms.G. Prema Arokia Mary

Fuzzy Inference System for Tea Leaf Classification Rani Traders, Ooty 1.44 2015-16
8. Ms.P. Shenbagam Inventory monitoring system with mobile alert SathyamTyre

Plazza, Karur

0.40 2015-16
9. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu Boiler Automation Sabari Kitchen Equipment, Coimbatore 0.48 2015-16
10. Ms.N.Rajathi


GIS based Vehicle Tracking System Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation Good will basis 2015-16
11. Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu


ICT solutions for facility inspection of airport Airports Authority of India, Coimbatore Good will basis 2015-16
12. Dr. J. Senthil ERP Software Development RAF Trust 9.00 2016-18
14. Dr.M.Alamelu

Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu

Android Applications on IoT IEEE 0.02 2016-17
15. Dr.M.Alamelu

Mr. L.Hariprasath

Ms. M.N.Saroja

IT- Technical Training Programme for Rural school students IEEE 0.006 2016-17
16. Dr.M.Alamelu

Ms. M.N.Saroja

Recent Trends in Information Technology IEEE 0.01 2016-17
17. Dr.J.Cynthia

Ms.G.Prema Arokia Mary

Invoice and Inventory Management Systems (IIMS) Arul Steels Coimbatore 0.50 2016-17


18. Dr.M.Alamelu

Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu

Network Simulation using NS3 IEEE 0.02 2016-17
19. Dr.J.Cynthia Website Development for MASU Tamil Nadu Agricultural University Good will basis 2016-17


20. Dr.M.Alamelu

Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu


Research problems in simulation using Advanced Networking IEEE 0.02 2017-18


21. Dr.M.Alamelu

Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu

Mr. A. Suresh


CODE – INFO 2017 IEEE 0.02 2017-18
22. Dr.M.Alamelu Kanban Methodology in Agile IEEE 0.006 2017-18
23. Dr.V.Vanitha


Sponsorship for the purchase of Micro Processor trainer kit Vi Micro Systems Pvt.  Ltd., Chennai 0.37 2017-18
24. Dr.K.R.Baskaran Android App for E-Super Market Mosima Engineering Research Consultancy & Training, Madurai 0.25 2017-18
25. Dr.V.Vanitha


Sponsorship for the purchase of Desktop Computers Technology Excellence Group,Coimbatrore 6.36 2017-18
26. Mr. N. Sourabh Modi


Object detection on Indian roads For autonomous driving Inventors of Zero, PSG College of Technology, Coimbatore  

Good will basis


Dr. V. Vanitha


Solar Power Plant – Remote Monitoring System Ezon Energy Solutions (P) Ltd, Coimbatore Good will basis 2017-19
28. Dr. V. Vanitha Self-modelling and calibration of motor and pump parameters CRI Pumps, Coimbatore Good will basis 2018-19
29. Ms.S.Sathyavathi Mobile App for Tailoring shop Lebas Tailor,


0.13 2018-19
30. Dr. V.Vanitha

Dr. N. Rajathi

Instrument Calibration Management System KSB Pumps Ltd, Coimbatore Good will basis 2018-19
31. Dr. V.Vanitha

Dr. N. Rajathi

Invoice Management System KSB Pumps Ltd, Coimbatore Good will basis 2018-19
32. Mr.A.Suresh


Pearson VUE Test Centre Pearson VUE 0.50 2018-19
33. Ms.S.Sathyavathi Mobile App for Tailoring shop Gokul Stylers, Coimbatore 0.13 2018-19
34. Dr.V.Vanitha, S.Kanagaraj


Hardware Training


Postal department, Coimbatore 0.24  







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