Product Development

Students are encouraged to do in-house projects that lead to product development. The details of the products developed and patented along with the sample of     in-house projects done by the students are given below:

Details of Patents

Name of the Applicants

Title of the Patent

Application No. & Date of Filing

Status of the Patent

Dr. V. Rameshbabu

Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Dr. G. Ramakrishnan

Computerized Dynamic Knittability Tester for Hosiery Yarns

Submitted on May 2018


Mr. L. Sathish Kumar
Ms. S. Sharmila

Mr. S. Srinath
Mr. Ajeeth Muralidharan

An Apparatus and Method for Organized Dispensing of Medicines

201841016173 / 30.04.2018


Dr. A. Arulmozhi
Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Dr. Anil Dev
Ms. Leela Ganesan

Novel Skin Feature Based Jaundice Detection for Neonates using Non-Invasive Technique

201741038228 / 27.10.2017

Published on 03.05.2019

Mr. P. Naveen Honest Raj
Mr. J. Nixon Manuel
Dr. P. S. Mayurappriyan
Mr. S. Naveen Kumar

Energy Efficacy Using Raspberry Pi

201741023010 / 30.06.2017

Published on 04.01.2019

Ms. Muthu Periyaval

Smart Product Providing Machine



Sample details of the product development and in-house projects done by the students during the assessment period are given below:











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