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Area / Topic of Research

Name of the University / Registration No.

Research Status


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. O. Saranya / Government College of Technology

October 2009

Spatial Focussing in Medical Ultrasound Imaging using Time Reversal Process

Anna University / 100910522027

Awarded on 13.11.2015


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. A. Arulmozhi / Avinashilingam University

July 2010

Efficient Gamut Mapping in Colour Image Processing

Anna University / 71010632008

Awarded on 03.08.2016


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Mr. A. Sirajudeen / KGISL Institute of Technology

October 2009

AM – FM Method for Diabetic Retinopathy Lesion Detection

Anna University / 100910521017

Awarded on 03.08.2016


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. S. Sasikala / Kumaraguru College of Technology

January 2011

Assessment of Malignacy in Breast Ultrasound

Anna University / 11110532032

Awarded on 06.12.2018


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. S. Sudha /  SNS College of Engineering

January 2011

Efficient Ultrasound Liver Image Diagnosis Using Bio-Inspired Image Processing Techniques

Anna University / 11110532039

Thesis submitted



Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. K. Geetha / KGISL Institute of Technology

January 2011

Analysis Of Enhancement Of Ultrasound Image Resolution By Contrast Agent

Anna University / 11110532008

Thesis Submitted


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Ms. P. Sreelatha / KGISL Institute of Technology

January  2012

Ultrasound Image Processing

Anna University / 11210532031

Thesis Submitted


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Mr. V. Senthil Kumar / RVS College of Engineering

January 2011

Biomedical Imaging

Anna University / 71010521032


Dr. M. Ezhilarasi

Mr. S. Karthikeyan / Info College of Engineering

July 2010

3D-Image With High Resolution

Anna University / 71010521011


Dr. P. S. Mayurappriyan

Mr. K. T. Solaiappan / Full Time Scholar / Kumaraguru College of Technology

July 2017

Economic Load Dispatch Optimization of Renewable Energy in Distributed Power System 

Anna University / 17123997306

Course Work Completed


Dr. P. S. Mayurappriyan

Mr. N. Loganathan / Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology

January 2017

Artificial Intelligent Techniques Based Energy Management System in Smart Grid Environment 

Anna University / 17143991170

Confirmation Received


Dr. P. S. Mayurappriyan

Ms. M. Shanmugapriya / KCG College of Technology

July 2017

Digital Control Methods for Active Power Factor Correction

Anna University / 17233997133

Confirmation Received




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