Department Association

The students form department-level student associations based on the guidelines laid out every year. They organize technical events as planned during the beginning of every academic year. The various capacities in which the student’s function are: President, Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary Treasurer and Executive members.

The various events organized/coordinated include:

  • Training and Placement assistance
  • Student related workshops
  • Projects and Internships
  • International Publications and Patents
  • Institutional and Departmental level event organization

The Organization structure of the Department Association of E&I is shown below .There is a common structure across all the Departments and the institute initiates the process of selection of office bearers, framing some common guidelines, approval of annual activity calendar and the budget.


  • Will plan the activities jointly with office bearers and interface with the HOD, Faculty and Staff.
  • Will operate the Bank account of the Association jointly with the Secretary / Treasurer
  • Will sign letter and communications on behalf of the association


  • Will convene meetings of the association in consultation with the President
  • Will prepare and send internal communications in connection with the activities of the association.
  • Will organize meetings on all academic related activities / programs, manage correspondence and maintain records
  • Will maintain Minutes of the meeting, execute as per action plan and prepare monthly activity report

Joint Secretary:

  • Will be the event management person for the Programs of the association
  • Will take care of external liaison work as per action plan of the association
  • Will attend to co-curricular and extra-curricular related activities of the association, manage correspondence and maintain records


  • Will operate the bank account jointly with the President
  • Will maintain accounts updated with bills and vouchers, draw and disburse money as per action plan
  • Will monitor budget, interface with department and Accounts department for funds and maintain correspondence for the purpose
S. No. Name with Roll No. Position
1 Ajith Kannan N – 15BEI021 President
2 Shyam Ganesh M – 16BEI047 Vice President
3 Arul Melissa J – 16BEI026 Secretary
4 Vivek S – 17BEI029 Joint Secretary
5 Sugantha Seelan A – 16BEI062 Co – Ordinator
6 Paarivel S M – 16BEI203 Treasurer
7 Kausalya S – 17BEI002 Joint Treasurer
8 Kaushikaa Siddharthan C – 16BEI002 Public Relative Officer
9 Mukhundh A J R – 16BEI046 Event Organiser
10 Balakiruthika B – 16BEI033 Editor
11 Adithya K – 15BEI044 Executive Member
12 Sudhakar A – 15BEI015 Executive Member
13 Karthikeyan S –  16BEI045 Executive Member
14 Kathir T – 16BEI012 Executive Member
15 Maha Lakshmi R – 17BEI014 Executive Member
16 Dharshini C C – 17BEI015 Executive Member
17 Yogesh P – 17BEI010 Executive Member
18 Elwin Sam Jeba Singh J – 17BEI035 Executive Member
19 Prasanth P – 17BEI203 Executive Member
20 Srinithi R – 17BEI052 Executive Member

Office Bearers of the Department Association of E&I (2018-2019)




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College      : 0422-2661100
Fax             : 0422-2669406
Placement : 0422-2661515
Principal    : 0422-2661121
E-mail        : info@kct.ac.in

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