Project Grants

S.No Name of the Principal Investigator Name of the

Co-Principal Investigator

Title of the project Funding Agency Sanctioned Amount Collaboration Status
1 Dr.S.A.Pasupathy,


Mr. R. Karthikeyan




Mr.M.Ramesh Kumar

AP I/Mech



Development of Autonomous Multipurpose Agricultural Robotic platform CDAC Rs.379.81 Lakhs

(The Fund share of KCT as per Meity Rs.89.67 Lakhs)

IITK, Birsa Agricultural University,Ranchi On going

(2019 –2021)

2 Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu, Professor Rehabilitation for sustainable future of Delta farmers IEEE $10,000 On going

(Started in 2018)

3 Mr. K. Ramprakash Professor Ms.P.Pavithra,

Assistant Professor

Design, Simulation and Fabrication of Microstrip Line Filters KCT Rs. 2.00 Lakhs On going
4 Dr.S.A.Pasupathy,




Mrs. K.Thilagavathi,

Assistant Professor III/ECE

Modernization of communication and microwave laboratory with high performance PCB and antenna prototyping machine  AICTE -MODROBS Rs. 15.04 Lakhs On Going

(Started in 2017)

5 Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu, Professor Smart Agriculture for Sustainable Food Production IEEE Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology Rs.11.5 Lakhs Completed


6 Dr.S. Govindaraju,


Dr. A. Vasuki, Professor Wavelet based Image Compression/De-compression with pipelined architecture on FPGA ISRO – RESPOND Rs. 5.18 Lakhs Completed


7 Dr.S. Govindaraju,


Dr . K. Kavitha, Associate Professor FPGA Based Single Chip Implementation of AES (RIJNDAEL ALGORITHM) Encryption and Decryption with Error Correction DRDO Rs. 6.60 Lakhs Completed


8 Dr.S. Govindaraju,


Dr. A. Vasuki, Professor Hardware Implementation of Image Enhancement Using Wavelet / Retinex Algorithms ISRO – RESPOND  Rs. 4.50 Lakhs Completed


9 Dr. A. Vasuki, Professor Dr . K. Kavitha, Associate Professor Iterative Detection – Decoding in OFDMA Systems for Multimedia Transmission AICTE-RPS Rs. 2.50 Lakhs Completed


10 Dr. Rajeswari Mariappan,


Dr. D. Mohanageetha, Sr. Associate Professor Modernization of Optical Communication Laboratory with Photonic Design Automation Software AICTE MODROBS Rs. 11.00 Lakhs Completed


11 Mr. K. Ramprakash Professor Dr. D. Mohanageetha, Sr. Associate Professor Investigation of the suitability of clay/ceramic material for use inside the microwave oven RUTAG (IIT Chennai) Rs. 0.17 Lakhs Completed


12 Dr. M. Shanthi,

Associate Professor

Design, Implementation and simulation of Analog Integrated Circuits using Genetic Algorithm KCT Rs. 0.50 Lakhs Completed


13 Dr. R.Latha,

Associate Professor

Mr. P.Thirumoorthy,

Assistant Professor

DSP Based Filter Design for Harmonic Minimization in Power Converters and Area Optimization in Communication Devices KCT Rs. 2.00 Lakhs Completed


14 Dr. A. Vasuki, Professor JPEG2000 Implementation on DSP Processor TMS320C6713 KCT Rs. 1.00 Lakhs Completed


15 Dr. Muthuraman Ramasamy,


Mr. K. Ramprakash Professor Modernization of Microwave Lab incorporating the Integrated circuit Technology AICTE MODROBS Rs. 3.40 Lakhs Completed





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