Photo ID Name of the Faculty Designation Qualification Specialization/ Area of Interest Email id
Dr.S.A.Pasupathy Dr.S.A.Pasupathy Professor and Head M. Tech., PhD (UK). Acoustics/Vibration/Bio-Mimetics/robotics and control systems hod.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.K.Ramprakash Mr.K.Ramprakash Professor M.E Antenna and Microwave engineering ramprakash.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu Dr.Ramalatha Marimuthu Professor M. E. Ph. D VLSI design and Embedded Systems ramalatha.m.it@kct.ac.in
Dr.Ranithottungal R Dr.Ranithottungal R Professor M. E. Ph. D Powersystems/Embedded systems ranithottungal.eee@kct.ac.in
Dr.K.Kavitha Dr.K.Kavitha Professor M. E. Ph. D Signal processing for communications kavitha.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr. M. Bharathi Dr. M. Bharathi Professor M. E. Ph. D Signal processing for communications bharathi.m.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.A.Amsaveni Dr.A.Amsaveni Professor M. E. Ph. D Information security, Antennas amsaveni.a.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.M.Shanthi Dr.M.Shanthi Associate Professor M.S., Ph. D Analog VLSI, Microelectronics shanthi.m.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.S.Umamaheswari Dr.S.Umamaheswari Associate Professor M. E. Ph. D Wireless Sensor Networks umamaheswari.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.S.Sasikala Dr.S.Sasikala Associate Professor M. Tech., Ph. D Medical Imaging sasikala.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.R.Hemalatha Ms.R.Hemalatha Associate Professor M. E., Ph. D Optical Networks, Computer Networks hemalatha.r.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.M. Alagumeenaakshi Dr.M. Alagumeenaakshi Associate Professor M. E. Ph. D Wireless Sensor Networks alagumeenaakshi.m.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.B.Gopinath Dr.B.Gopinath Associate Professor M.E,Ph.D Pattern recognition, Biomedical Image Processing gopinath.b.ece@kct.ac.in
Dr.S.N.Shivappriya Dr.S.N.Shivappriya Associate Professor M.E., Ph.D Biomedical Signal Processing shivappriya.sn.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.K.Thilagavathi Ms.K.Thilagavathi Asst Professor III M. E. (Ph. D) Remote Sensing thilagavathi.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.S.Nagarathinam Ms.S.Nagarathinam Asst Professor III M. E. (Ph. D) VLSI & Image processing nagarathinam.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.R. Darwin Mr.R. Darwin Asst Professor II M. E. (Ph. D) Massive MIMO, Microwaves darwin.r.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr. R. Karthikeyan Mr. R. Karthikeyan Asst Professor II M.E(Ph.D) Antenna and Microwaves karthikeyan.r.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.R. Dhivya Praba Ms.R. Dhivya Praba Asst Professor II M.E. Signal/ Image processing, Microprocessors and Microcontrollers divyapraba.r.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms. A. Kalaiselvi Ms. A. Kalaiselvi ASSISTANT PROFESSOR II M. E. (Ph. D) VLSI Signal Processing kalaiselvi.a.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.K. Jasmine Ms.K. Jasmine Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) Communication Systems jasmine.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.V.Uma Maheswari Ms.V.Uma Maheswari Asst Professor I M. E. (Ph. D) Low Power VLSI, Signal Processing umamaheswari.v.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.S.Krithika Ms.S.Krithika Asst Professor I M. E. (Ph. D) Optical Communication, Network security krithika.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.K.Anusha Ms.K.Anusha Asst Professor I M. E. Communication and Networks anusha.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.S.Karthik Mr.S.Karthik Asst Professor I M.E Applied Electronics karthik.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.R.Karthi Kumar Mr.R.Karthi Kumar Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) VLSI design karthikumar.r.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.D.Allin Joe Mr.D.Allin Joe Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) Wireless Communication allinjoe.d.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.R.Navaneethakrishnan Mr.R.Navaneethakrishnan Asst Professor I M.E.,MBA (PhD) Low Power VLSI, Analog & Mixed VLSI circuits, IoT for Automotive Electronics navaneethakrishnan.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.Shiji Shajahan Ms.Shiji Shajahan Asst Professor I M.Tech(Ph.D) Electronic Circuits, RF Antenna Design, Digital Signal Processing shijishajahan@kct.ac.in
Ms.K.Karthika Ms.K.Karthika Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) Antenna Design RF and Microwave karthika.k.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr. S. David Mr. S. David Asst Professor I M.E (Ph.D) Adhoc Networks, Mobile and Wireless Communication david.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.T.Jaspar Vinitha Sundari Ms.T.Jaspar Vinitha Sundari Asst Professor I M. Tech Analog Device Modelling, CMOS VLSI jasparvinithasundari.t.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr. S. Arun Kumar Mr. S. Arun Kumar Asst Professor I M. Tech Signal Processing, Machine Learning & Communication Engineering arunkumar.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr. Timothy Dhayakar Paul Mr. Timothy Dhayakar Paul Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) Wireless Sensor Networks timothy.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr. V. P. Ajay Mr. V. P. Ajay Asst Professor I M.E(Ph.D) Communication Systems ajay.vp.ece@kct.ac.in
Ms.S.Tamilelakkiya Ms.S.Tamilelakkiya Asst Professor I M. E Embedded Systems tamilelakkiya.s.ece@kct.ac.in
Mr.S.Boopathy Mr.S.Boopathy Assistant Professor-I M. E Embedded Systems boopathy.s.ece@kct.ac.in
  Name of the Technical Staff Designation Email id Area Of Interest
Ms. N. K. Usha Rani Ms. N. K. Usha Rani Senior Technical Associate usharani.nk.ece@kct.ac.in Digital Electronics
B.Devi Ms. B. Devi Technical Associate devi.b.ece@kct.ac.in Microprocessors
Geetha Ms. D. Geetha Senior Technical Associate geetha.d.ece@kct.ac.in Electronic Circuits
Mekala Ms. R. Mekala Lab Instructor mekala.r.ece@kct.ac.in Electronic Circuits
Vijayalakshmi Ms.V.Vijayalakshmi Associate office.ece@kct.ac.in
SAMSUNG Ms.P.Divya Lab Instructor divya.p.ece@kct.ac.in Microwave Engineering
T.Arasilan kumaran Mr.T.Arasilan Kumar Technical Associate arasilankumar.t.@ece@kct.ac.in DSP & Networks
Suja Ms. M. S. Suja Technical Associate suja.ms.ece@kct.ac.in Electron Devices
Meiazhagan Mr. M. Meiyazhagan Junior Engineer meiyazhagan.m.ece@kct.ac.in VLSI Design
Revathi Ms. B. Revathi Lab Instructor revathi.b.ece@kct.ac.in Electronic Circuits




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