Research activities

Our research activity spans both on basic and applied research focused on interdisciplinary research across streams of engineering, health care and business management. The research group is focused to bridge the gap between academics and industry, thereby enhancing consultancy capabilities.

Completed Research Projects:

1. Defence Research & Development Organisation(DRDO) sponsored research project titled “Multimodal Biometric Authentication system for secured access control applications” was completed recently. It was funded by the directorate of ER & IPR of DRDO with a grant of Rs.6.7 Lakhs. The aim of this project is to improve the authentication accuracy of persons with challenging biometric image samples.

2. A management funded project “Data Mining: Efficient data extraction for e-governance” was completed which was designed for extraction of data from websites of relevance to populate the data warehouse. This has been initiated with suitable design of the warehouse and mined reports were generated.

3. A management funded project “A Robust Fingerprint Identification System” was completed, which is a robust person authentication system based on finger print. This system can be used for providing access control to any application which requires high security.

4. TNSCST sponsored student project titled “Automatic accident detection and notification system using smart phones” fetched a grant of Rs.6000 and was completed in 2012. It provided an accident detection and notification system through smartphones which is found to be a better alternative against conventional systems.

Research supervisor List with scholars’ name

S. No Name of Ph.D. Scholar Registration No. Whether Scholar is Internal/


Month & Year of Enrolment Name of the Supervisor Approval No.
1. P.Kavitha 1525469306 External Jan -15 Dr. L.Latha 2540021
2. M.Karthigha 1622469329 External Jan-16 Dr. L.Latha 2540021
3. G.Prema Arokia Mary 18244697291 Internal July -18 Dr.N.Suganthi 2740098
4. S.Sathyavathi 18244697195 Internal July -18 Dr.K.R.Baskaran 2740032
5. S.Kavitha 18244697192 Internal July -18 Dr.K.R.Baskaran 2740032
6. M.N.Saroja 18244697186 Internal July -18 Dr.K.R.Baskaran 2740032
7. G.Shobana 19244697213 Internal July -19 Dr.K.R.Baskaran 2740032
8. X.Francis Jency 19234697254 Internal July -19 Dr.K.R.Baskaran 2740032
9. D.Aswini 19244697222 Internal July -19 Dr.N.Suganthi 2740098
10. R.Kirubakaran 19134697177 Internal July -19 Dr.N.Suganthi 2740098
11. V.Saranyah 19244697156 External July -19 Dr.N.Suganthi 2740098
12. S.Sangeetha 19244697280 External July -19 Dr.N.Suganthi 2740098




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