Policy for Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)



In Civil Engineering Department, regularly at the start of the academic year a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) is signed with leading construction industries, in order to include and implement the best practices of the industries and to explore the following objectives which will facilitate the mutual benefits to the industry and institution and more specifically to the Civil Engineering Programme.

Primary objectives of the MoU is to

  • FOSTER research collaboration between KCT-Civil Engineering Programme and Industries, in the thrust areas of the Civil Engineering and trouble shoot areas of industry
  • SET the base for longer-term Institute-Industry Partnerships and thereby the dissemination of best industrial practices to the students
  • STRENGTHEN the research initiatives of the institution with the cutting edge technological support of industry and aim for new innovations for the benefit of local/global community
  • EXPOSURE to the industrial environments for academic research scholars to jointly work on applied and problem-based research activities.

Activities focused through MoU

Exchange of personals/expertise/best practices of industry and institute for limited periods focusing the following objectives.

  • KCT Civil Engineering Programme students in plant training /Students Internship at industry premises
  • Encouraging the industrial visits for students to provide them with an exposure to various equipment, instrument, etc
  • Joint guidance of student projects/thesis in the fields of Advanced construction materials, Cost reduction in mass urban housings, Quality control measures in ready mix, high performance and high strength concrete, maximum utilization of waste materials in concrete as an alternate for cement and aggregates, on mutually agreeable terms.
  • Deputation of industry experts as visiting faculty/or technical experts/resource person to teach advancements in the regular courses of the programme or on specialized topics
  • Seeking assistance/guidance of Industry personal in curriculum design, courses technical content modification, modernization of labs catering to the need of industry
  • Industry personals and research scholars may be allowed to enroll for their Ph.D./M.E at KCT, subject to availability of seats, research facilities and subject to their fulfilling eligibility criteria and all other academic regulations of KCT.
  • Inviting industry to showcase their business activities at the seminar/workshop/conference, etc
  • Organization of joint conferences and seminars of high caliber at KCT
  • Supporting industry persons to avail library, Internet, computational facilities at KCT through proper channel approval.
  • Encouraging the joint research activities. The student maybe encouraged to take up the project in the industry environment such that the outcome of the project would highly benefit the industry and society
  • Industry institute joint publications in peer reviewed journals, subject to the conditions of Intellectual Property Rights and mutually agreed upon terms and conditions.
  • Encouragement for independent follow-up research on the project/ thesis work conducted under this MoU for industry and institute.

Implementation and Funding

  • The industry and institute will establish a joint committee for the smooth coordination of various agreed upon terms through the MoU and to regularly exchange information
  • All the financial implications for institute and industry will be mutually discussed and agreed before the start of any activity through the MoU

Dispute Settlement

All the efforts will be made to avoid any disputes for the smooth execution of agreed upon terms through the MoU. Nevertheless if any dispute arises, it will be sorted out through proper channel discussion and dialogues. Abiding the final decision of the respective heads of the Institute and Industry, all the disputes will be sorted out.


The MoU Amendments (if any) could be brought to implementation through a written agreement mentioning all the mutually agreed terms and condition of the amendments.

Entry into Effect and Termination


  • The date and time of MoU signing should be clearly mentioned and it will come in to effect on the date of signature for a minimum period of two to three years.
  • In case of premature termination of the MoU due to any reasons, three months notification on either side in written format is mandatory.


Tie Ups


S.No MOU signed with Date Purpose


M/s. Ultra Ready Mix Concrete (P) Ltd, Coimbatore – 12 06.06.2014 Support for students projects, In-plant training and guest lectures & site visit to Ready mix plants


M/s Dimensions (P) Ltd, Coimbatore 09.06.2014 Support for students projects In-plant training, Internships, Guest lectures and Placement


M/s ACC Cements Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore 09.05.2011 Support for students projects & In-plant training


ACC Cements Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore 09.05.2011 Support for students projects & In-plant training


Ultra Tech Cement Pvt Ltd, Coimbatore 22.08.2011 Mason Training Program and In-plant training


M/s Creative I-CADD, Coimbatore 21.09.2011 Training Program on Civil Engg. Software




Had a tie-up with National Agronomical Research Institute (INRA), France using which an Indo-French project was carried out during 2007 – 2010 and two International Water Association (IWA) conferences were held here at KCT during February 06 – 09, 2008.




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