PEP TALK – Professional Enhancement Program

PEP TALK is a new platform for every individual to express their talent, their area of interest, their life journey etc.

Giving a talk will give you public speaking skills and good exposure. Every individual is given opportunity according to their opinion. This PEP TALK is for all KCT, whoever Interested can give a talk and also listen to a talk.

PEP TALK 001 – Extracurricular activities

Yadhav is from Third year Civil Engineering who is well focused about his future and his life experience has thought him a great lesson for his development. The way of conveying his life experience is with his ability called “Humour sense” and Topics highlighted by him is Passion vs. Profession. His talk says that Appreciation for every work will give strong confidence to move to next level. We all wish him great success for his future.

PEP TALK 002 – Brexit issue

P Vignesh Kumar has the fame of Future Entrepreneur, young dynamic researcher, a scientist from final year civil department has given talk on Brexit issue. The talk was perfect enough to quench the expectation of the audience with his great current affairs. He has shared perfect content on Brexit issue and shared his Singapore experience which has made him move forward towards his goals. He says to make use of every opportunity provided by the institution and government. With his way of thinking like a scientist, we wish him to have great success in his future.

PEP TALK 003 – Experience on Chennai Metro Internship

Ajirtha from 3rd year Civil Engineering shared her experience on Chennai Metro Internship, the travelogue which she said was quite interesting, and as a girl, she faced many problems from the society, with her confidence, she overcame every situation and have acquired good exposure. Parent’s supported her a lot for her Internship and Career as well. “Strength and growth come only through the continues struggle”

This quote suits her the most and with her hard work and good Knowledge, we wish her to have a bright future.

PEP TALK 004 – Abroad Studies

Syed Mujtaba, 3rd year EEE Student collaborated with CEA to share his thoughts on Abroad Studies. He has advanced himself to the extent towards gathering the information for abroad studies with a scholarship. He expressed a clear idea on how to avail scholarship from various countries.  He also came up with a gist of opportunities to pursue masters at unique countries namely China, Indonesia, Hungary, etc., that we haven’t heard of.  To sum it up, his efforts to quench the thirst of abroad enthusiasts was simply awesome and highly appreciable. We wish him all the best for his future endeavours.

We extend our gratitude for his fine research works and detailed explanation during the session regarding the same.  We would like to acknowledge him for joining hands with us. We look forward to associate with even more departments and forums.

PEP TALK 005 – Experience on the ISRO selection process

A poem for the Speaker

“Village life as a child from childhood

You went to the top of the intermediate course

You learned to correct both variables in debit mail with physics

In the sixth grade, the battery on top of the battery made you a gold medal at the Technical College

Five and a half hours of dedication to the word “single-minded devotion to your goal” to succeed in your work

Parents are proud to have a child like this

Teachers should be proud to teach a student like this

You have made a friend proud of his friendship

Veeramanikandan is the son of a hero who is going to set foot in ISRO in the future”

He shared his experience on the ISRO selection process.

PEP TALK 006 – Time Management

Geetha M, President of Biotech department has shared with us the most important thing of life that’s “Time Management”. She has shared many strategies to keep up the time to attain our goals. The positivity in her made everyone more energetic. She was inspired by the book “Eat that frog by brain Tracy” which made her know the importance of Time management.

Her hobby was reading one book per week that made her stronger and gain good knowledge. On behalf of CEA, we would like to thank Geetha for her valuable speech. We extend our gratitude to studio for the wonderful pictures and the audience who graced the occasion.

PEP TALK 007 – Rocket Science

Jayachandhran, a very passionate student from mechatronics department, gave his talk on Rocket Science. He is deeply inspired by APJ Abdul Kalam and his quotes. One of the greatest mile stone in his life was the rocket launch that he had made at our college campus at the time of Yugam, which further pushed him to reach great heights.

In this pep talk, he shared and explained how the space science or rocket is related to civil engineering. He also discussed in detail about the vacancies available for civil engineers in ISRO.

He said, it all started with a dream to be the “Missile boy of India “. Though there came lot of discouraging voices from all sides, his immense confidence and patience made him succeed in his interest.

On behalf of the Civil Department, CEA wishes Jayachandhran the best to succeed in all the endeavours and in chasing his dreams.

PEP TALK 008 – Expert from CADD Centre

The speaker was a person with a proper intent of motivating the students and pushing them to be a skilled engineering rather than a normal engineer. He enlightened the crowd about how in today’s world the difficulty is not job opportunities, rather it is the lack of skilled engineers. In between this the speaker kept the audience glued to him by showing them the number of projects introduced by the Government of India and enriched their minds about the number of job opportunities each of such projects are giving. He affirmed that the students get a clear picture that it is not only on the field work but the software side too that jobs are available and that they too are jobs that require highly skilled engineers.


Why did the MONA LISA become one of the most famous paintings of all the time? That’s a question an incredible amount of people have asked themselves in the past. And one possible answer is this: Because of her unique smile.

Yes!! The topic is MOMENT TO SMILE. The last pep talk was given by Ms.Ajrithaa, 3rd yr civil department. She started with a small exercise and everyone woke up at that moment with a great smile. To all the broken hearts, life isn’t over yet. It still has a lot to teach you. For this moment, enjoy the pretty little things and wear a smile. To those who broke you, realize they were the one who made you smile too. Hear all mouths; still take your own decisions. Learn the lesson from one’s life, but never copy their life. This life is yours and your opponent isn’t the same as theirs.

The smile is “The symbol that was rated with the highest positive emotional content”

PEP TALK 10 -The Journey of an Entrepreneur Who Inspired Him

The final year civil department from the Subramanian talks about the Matrix Club of the President, ‘The Journey of an Entrepreneur Who Inspired Him’. Elon Musk, an entrepreneur who was committed to his dream and had goals that were impeccable. His big target is to colonize the Mars, he is the founder of companies such as Spacex, Paypal, Tesla, Open AI, Neuralink, Hyperloop, Boring Company. He was a successful entrepreneur with a rock bottom but with a rock bottom but not a professional career. And made his mark as a real life “tony stark”. The speaker ended the quote with the oration again, “Trying to make sense”, which means trying to proportional to success. This was the 10th successful PEP talk this academic year of CEA as a special day for the people. The President has made every single pep talk of the speakers possible and specially mentioned. The 3rd year civil from Syed Aadhil is done by a memento by Preethi of the 3rd year Civil to K. Subramanian as a token of Gratitude. The third year of Raj Sandeep by The Pep Talk concluded with a vote of thanks.

PEP TALK 11 – Perfect Engineering Defence

CDT.SGT Santhosh Kumar V E, who is currently doing his 3rd year civil engineering is one among the Senior Cadet in KCT – Air Wing. He commenced his speech introducing few interesting disclaimers and they surfed well through the topic “Perfect Engineering Defence”. He perfectly started his speech by stressing the importance of “Perfection” with great examples and quotes like “Perfection cannot be obtained in a single day, but this quality can be attained when followed up regularly as daily routine. He then inclined his talk towards the other important quality “Discipline”. He quoted that “Sun will rise only after hearing the sound of my boot’s stamp, it will comb its hair by looking into the reflection of my polished boots and the morning stars will always be on my chest”. Further, he added up that we should respect our seniors and teachers which will help is in lot of ways.

Finally, He dwelled into major impeccable topic “Defence”. He questioned everyone that “Are you proud to be Tamilan?” In addition to that referred an officer named ‘Natrajan Parthiban’ who is a proud tamilan and his contribution towards Indian defence is amazing.

Why not defence?  It is not only a job, it is more than that and a dissolvable part of life.

In the world that strives for peace and prosperity, Many people are dyeing but in army only 30 members die and he also spoke about known sorgam , unknown sorgam and other sorgam. He has insights over “How to go to defence after 12th and college degree”. Be yourself, don’t change for others words”. 3rd year ajritha gave the vote of thanks.

PEP TALK 12 – Life is what you made it

Mohammed nowfer.M from Automobile department and he is a part of Super 60 Is quotes is “life is what you made it ,life is not about winning it is all about” and  life is what ?and what do you  think about life  whether it is Chance or Choice and he is doing 365 day challenge  and he started at august 28 and he spoke about  Self awareness class in front of JC sir A good example is Gandhi and Abdul kalam they said that “what can i do what i do”  his challenge is doing  Exercise, Reading newspaper, Reading books, Academic study, practise challenge he will spend only 30 minutes and His Great things what he feel is that Thirukural intiative inspired by a small boy day 20 and he regularly used to read one thought of the day and put as status and he finished 2 Book one is “life is what you make it ” and another one is “taming our monkey mind”  In this book the moral is Hope, Friendship, Love and Acceptance and he used to talk with the workers and he know the others problem and he finished 2 NPTEL Courses “leadership” “interpersonal skills” and  he won’t eat Lays which covered in plastic and In 40th day he spend time with birds in his sister’s home and In 42th day he taught Thirukural to his sister’s son and In 44th day clarity of thoughts peace and accept any think  which is correct and In 46th day practice run and he  gives a good quotes that “when there is faith there is love when there is love  there is peace when there is peace there is truth when there is truth there is god” create a dream ” If you don’t have a dream somebody will use as brick to build his dream come true visualize the vision “and he said that  don’t worry about anything choose big and work hardened every think is possible and start with what I have and kailainathan thanked everyone who came there  and made the event successful and kailash from mechatronics department has given  memento to speaker.

PEP TALK 13 – Public speaking

Vishnu Dhyanesh. V from 2nd year B. Com PA KCLAS gave talk on public speaking.

We had a great session on do’s and don’ts about public speaking and stand up comedy. The main part for the public speech to be great is the body language. Then comes the vocal modulations and the content. So whatever the content may be if the body language is not good then the whole presentation would be ruined. Parts of the body to be taken care when speaking. Legs, hands, eyes, lips.

Eyes: Always maintain eye contact with the audience.

Legs: Use a certain pattern of walking don’t show your back which may not look majestic.

Hand: Wave your hands when explaining something this attracts audience attention.

Lips: Always smile smile smile.

A good joke contains 3 things:

The base , the high pitch, the punch line.

Base the audience with a good joke. Give them hype in the high pitch , and at last make them laugh through sudden fall as punch line.

These were the valuable insights shared by the Speaker. We thank him on behalf of Civil Department for his time. The PEP Talk series for this semester turned out to be an excellent end.




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