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The department of Biotechnology at KCT is a leading provider of biotechnology education in Tamil Nadu.

The department offers:

B.Tech (Biotechnology) – 4 years (NBA Accredited in 2018)

(Curriculum: 2018, 2017, 2015)

  • The B.Tech programmes prepares students to engineering work related to bio manufacturing, R&D in pharmaceutical industry, Food product development, Environmental pollution management, natural product development, bio-informatics solutions etc. The problems faced by the biotechnology industry offer an unusual opportunity – the industry faces a dearth of skilled workforce. Much of the analysis and development must be accomplished at the very frontiers of knowledge, conforming to various international and national guidelines. The B.Tech programme is designed as to bridge that gap. The syllabi and curriculum is developed to be contemporary and match the current requirements of the biotechnology sector.

The B.Tech programme has the following Graduate outcomes:

  • PEO 1: To become successful professional/ entrepreneur by inculcating knowledge in interdisplinary areas in Science, Technology, Engineering and Management
  • PEO 2: To provide strong foundation in core areas of biotechnology to provide biotechnological solutions to real life problems with economic, social and sustainable viability.
  • PEO 3: Sensitize on environmental, health and bioethical issues, IPR
  • PO1 An ability to apply the knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering fundamentals in the areas of biotechnology, such as Bioprocess engineering, Genetic engineering, Bioinformatics, Downstream processing etc.,
  • PO2 An ability to identify and analyze the complex biotechnology-oriented problems and to nurture the issues by providing appropriate solution
  • PO3 An ability to design a bio-based system, component or process or protocol to address the essential issues related to public health, environment, society, culture
  • PO4 An ability to design, analyze, interpret and conclude the biological data using broad research based knowledge
  • PO5 An ability to educate the appropriate selection and application of current/ modern engineering techniques/ tools in the area of biotechnology
  • PO6 An ability to inculcate awareness among the students about the impact of various biological issues related to society, ethics, health, culture and safety
  • PO7 An ability to understand and demonstrate the need for the development of sustainable biotechnological solutions for addressing the environmental issues aligned with society
  • PO8 An ability to realize, commit and apply professional ethics by means of technology practice
  • PO9 An ability to inculcate the habit among students to function efficiently as an individual or in multidisciplinary teams
  • PO10 An ability to communicate effectively through verbal and written mode with technical audience
  • PO11 An ability to create competency in the engineering management, finance principles and its application in multidisciplinary projects
  • PO12 An ability to recognize the need for life-long learning for sustaining professional career.
  • PSO1 An ability to apply the knowledge of food/medical biotechnology to solve problems by providing appropriate solutions.
  • PSO2 An ability to understand and design solutions for biological process engineering related to biotechnology and environment.

M.Tech (Biotechnology) – 2 years (NBA applied) (Curriculum: 2018, 2015)

The following are the Program Educational Objectives of M.Tech. (Biotechnology) program:

  • PEO1 – To apply professional knowledge and skills in academia, industry, entrepreneurship and research.
  • PEO-2 – To enable students to evaluate real life problems and to propose biotechnological solutions with economical and social impact.
  • PEO-3 – To train students to work in a team for intellectual independence to provide innovative solutions.


PO1: An ability to independently carry out research / investigation and development work to solve practical problems.

PO2: An ability to write and present a substantial technical report / document.

PO3: An ability to demonstrate a degree of mastery over the area as per the specialization of the program.

PO4: An ability to employ bio-based techniques to address issues related to health with professional ethics.

PO5: An ability to develop/ utilize sustainable technology to address environmental issues.

PO6: An ability to apply modern engineering tools for the implementation of interdisciplinary projects.

PhD programme -Full time and Part-time

List of Ph.D Scholars in the Department

Sl. No. Reg. No. Name of the Scholar Full time / Part


Name of the Guide Awarded/Ongoing
1. 71031121011 R. Balakrishnaraja Part time Dr. P. Ramalingam Awarded
2. 71031121001 L. Vijayakumar Part time Dr. P. Ramalingam Awarded
3. 11111132001 S. Nithya Priya Part time Dr. P. Ramalingam Awarded
4. 7071012248 N. Kalyani Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Awarded
5. 100911122001 J. Kiruthika Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Awarded
6. 11210132037 P. Kanmani Part time Dr. K. Kumaresan Awarded
7. 71010721002 D. R. Manimaran Part time Dr. P. Ramalingam Ongoing
8. 11211131006 P. Muthukumaran Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
9. 1524569737 G. Poorani Part time Dr. R. Baskar Ongoing
10. 1417769156 R. Sudhakaran Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
11. 11200131034 M. Jayakumar Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
12. 17245697134 V. Veerabhuvaneshwari Part time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
13. 17145697133 S.Balaji Full time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
14. 18122691109 T.Suresh Part time Dr. N. Sivarajasekar Ongoing
15. 18135691114 K.Balasubramani Part-time Dr. N. Sivarajasekar Ongoing
16. 18155691130 Dymphan F Gonsaldes Full time Dr. N. Saraswathy Ongoing
17. 1513769721 A. Rakiyanasamy Full time Dr. M. Shanmugaprakash Ongoing
18. 19135691118 K. Murugesan Part time Dr. N. Sivarajasekar Ongoing




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