Name of the Lab   : Biochemistry and Microbiology Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:102 & 103/ 164.5 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Dr. K. Kumaresan 

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation 

The main focus of the lab is to train students with basic microbiology techniques for  microorganism isolation of pure cultures, growth kinetics, antimicrobial susceptibility assays, characterization, Mass cultivation and analysis. As a part of biochemistry, the students are exposed to various fundamental biological calculations, buffer preparation, quantification of bioanalytes, chromatography techniques and so on. The taught techniques can be exercised to solve various biological issues. 

Research Activity 

The research focus of the laboratory is to study the antimicrobial action, pre-and probiotic impact, cholesterol regulating effects, antiglycation property, urolithic activity, drug release kinetics and value added biomaterial (surface engineering) effects of metabolites from natural sources (Plants & Microbes) by executing classic and contemporary methods such as TLC, 2D-TLC, PTLC and Liquid Column Chromatography. We also study several industrially important microorganisms, their beneficial biosynthesis (enzymes, peptides, metabolites) through different screening and investigation methodologies. On par, the laboratory is also involved in nanomaterial (metallic and protein based) preparation and applications in food and environmental aspects. The laboratory has acquired external government grants from DBT, DST, ICMR, CSIR, AICTE etc,.More than 50 research publications (SCOPUS, SCI indexed journals etc.) has been made by utilizing the laboratory resources.

Our researchers group are also actively involved in imparting training in Microbiology, Natural products research based techniques and Nanotechnology applications in Food and Environment for upcoming researchers.

This lab is authorised for antimicrobial sensitivity analysis 


Name of the Lab: Cell Biology and Immunology Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:104 / 157 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Mr. P. Muthukumaran

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation

This lab. mostly utilized to teach fundamentals in the area of basic immunology and serological studies for B.Tech Biotechnology programme. In this lab, basic experiments like, staining of blood cells, cell counting, Blood grouping, Determination of antigen and antibody concentration and qualitative and quantitative analysis of blood components. As a part of Biotechniques laboratory, this lab equipments were used to teach techniques exposed to various basic instruments and equipments to understand working principles. Apart from, this lab. Utilized to determine the concentration of various biomolecules in the biological samples.

Research Activity

Main research focus of this lab are extraction, optimization of phytochemicals from medicinal plants. Plants studied so far: Amorphophallus paeonifolius, Aloe vera, Borassus flabellifer, Peltophorum pterocarpum, Solanum trilobatum.

Name of the Lab: Plant Tissue culture Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:104 / 40 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Mr. P. Muthukumaran

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation 

This special lab. established in the year of 2016 to teach basic of plant cell culture techniques. Basic techniques including, Media and stock solution preparation, Explant selection and preparation, Induction of callus, suspension culture etc.,. 

Research Activity

This lab. primarily focused to culturing of plant cells for production of bioactive principles (Phenol). Initially in this lab.,establish Induction of Multiple shoot from Bamboo and currently focused research on induction of callus and extraction of phytochemicals from callus culture of Gymnema, Abutilon indicum.

Name of the Lab: DownStream Processing Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:106/ 98.81 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Dr. M. Shanmugaprakash

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation 

The main focus of the lab is to train students in various purification  techniques for such as cell disruption  using Ultrasonication and  Homogenization, cell concentration using Microfiltration,  production concentration using Ultrafiltration, Aqueous Two phase extraction  and also including various chromatography techniques. The students are exposed in column packing, buffer preparation, how to choose right columns materials and  purify the  biomolecules from various both plant and animal source. The taught techniques can be exercised to design and scale-up various  in protein purification  and downstream processes. 

Research Activity

The research focus of the lab includes  separate  and purify the biomolecules from   various sources. Also we are standardizing the enzyme assay such as protease, Bromelain Pectinase , xylnase alpha –amylase, alpha-galactosidase etc. Major research activity is pre-treatment of agrowaste for production of   high value products , production oh biogas from food waste, pretreatment of   natural fibres using enzymatic methods .  Consultancy services related to enzyme production, purification  and its application in textile industry, leather industry  and food industry are also offered on payment basis.

Name of the Lab: Chemical Engineering & Organic Chemistry Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:107/ 151.15 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Dr. N. Sivarajasekar 

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation:

The main focus of the lab is to train students with industrial equipments for related to upstream and downstream processing. The students are exposed to various fundamental stoichiometry calculations, unit operations, heat and mass transport mechanisms, and rheological behaviours. The taught techniques can be exercised to design and scale-up various biological processes. 

Research Activity

Laboratory for Bioremediation Research is part of this lab. Main research focus of this lab are solving environmental problems and developing food products. The Environmental research group is actively working on phytoremediation, biosorption, green emulsion membranes, and biosurfactants. The Food product group is involving in the millet based bread production, health mix preparation and probiotic juices.

Name of the Lab: Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:108/ 102.7 Sq.m

Lab incharge – Dr. K Kumaravel

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation 

The main focus of the lab is to train the students in basic molecular biology techniques like DNA & RNA isolation from various sources and quantification, electrophoresis, competent cell preparation, electroporation, restriction-digestion  and ligation, cloning into gene expression vectors and induction, western blotting and PCR. The lab is equipped with Real Time PCR (Thermofisher), Nanodrop and FluorChem Gel Documentation (Alpha Innotech)  to conduct gene expression analysis. Real Time PCR and FTIR are available for Consultancy services on payment basis. 

Research Activity

The research focus of the lab are monitoring of antibiotic resistant bacteria and antibiotic resistant genes and mobile genetic elements present in the environment by using metagenomics approach. It focuses on unculturable bacterial community and their resistant determinants and also determining the level of resistance in the bacteria. Our prime area of interest for antibiotic resistance is wastewater treatment plants and animal farms.  The second area work is on gene expression analysis of matrix metallo proteases in diabetic foot ulcer.

Name of the Lab: Bioprocess Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:109/ 136.94 Sq.m

Faculty Incharge – Dr. P Ramalingam

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation

The primary focus of the lab are extraction of enzymes, partial purification of enzymes and characterization of  enzymes such as optimum temperature, pH, and inhibitors. This lab also well-equipped with walk-in cold room, Kjedhal apparatus (for total nitrogen estimation), fermenters (5 L and 50 L), ion-exchange chromatography, hydrophobic interaction chromatography and ultra-filtration unit 

Research Activity :

The research focus of the lab are removal of synthetic dyes in textile dyeing effluents by solvent extraction process. Centrifugal extractor, an automation for solvent extraction is used to avoid the time delay for extraction of dyes from textile dyeing effluents. Natural polymers such as cellulose and chitosan have modified chemically as adsorbents for the selective removal of dyes textile waste water. The research focus also concentrated on purification of enzymes from microbial and plant sources. Alpha-galactosidase from mushroom have been purified to homogeneity. Biodiesel from various vegetable oils have been prepared. The composition of natural fibers have also been done

Name of the Lab: Bioinformatics Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:309/ 68.45 Sq.m

Faculty in-charge: Dr. K. Ram

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation

The primary focus of the lab are Biological data analysis , protein modelling and simulation, large-scale sequence analysis and machine learning methods for biological problems. The lab is well equipped with a Dell Server T20 and several other client machines.

Research Activity: The research focus of the lab includes mainly on Protein-ligand and Protein-protein interaction using molecular Dynamics studies. The research focus also extends to metagenomics and biological database construction. The lab integrates mainly with other laboratories for data collection and analysis. The lab is equipped with many proprietary software like Intelligen Super Pro Designer, Design Expert 10.0 and many other open source software – Gromacs, Galaxy, Rosetta.

Name of the Lab: M. Tech Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:310/ 171.17 Sq.m

Faculty In-Charge : Dr.R.Baskar

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation

The main focus of the laboratory is on Medicinal Plants Research. The lab is exclusively utilized for conducting lab classes like Concepts in Biochemistry (odd semester) and Mammalian Cell Culture Lab (even semester- preparation of reagents and sterilization aspects). The lab is also utilized to train the students in handling equipment pertaining extraction of phytocompounds from medicinal plants using Soxhlet Extraction and carrying out antioxidant and phytochemical assays. The lab houses sophisticated equipment like Refrigerated High Speed Centrifuge (DBT funded; 17 lakhs), Microplate Reader Fluorescence / Chemiluminscence (DBT funded; 7 lakhs). UV-Visible Spectrophotometer, COD digestor, Double distillation Unit

Research Activity

The major activity of this lab is conducting experiments related to antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and phytochemical assays.Utilizing the major focus of the lab, two MoU with industries like M/S PharmaGenica HealthCare Private Limited, Bengaluru and M/S Phyto Specialities Private Limited, Chennai were signed during the year 2016 and 2017 respectively. Collaborative publications and projects with these industries were carried out during the past two years. Two TNSCST students projects scheme (one is industry linked – Phyto Specialities Private Limited) and two Re” students projects funded by KCT Management were sanctioned to carry out in this lab during last two years. Consultancy services related to antioxidant and phytochemical assays are also offered. Efforts are planned to isolate the active principle from untapped plant sources for pharmacological actions.

Name of the Lab: Mammalian Cell Culture Laboratory

Location & space : ADM:310B / 36 Sq.m

Faculty In-Charge: Dr.R.Baskar

About the laboratory facilities and Academic Utilisation

The main focus of the lab is to train students in learning mammalian cell culture techniques like preparation of culture medium, establishment of primary culture, handling of cell lines, subculture and maintenance of cell lines in strict sterile conditions. The facility includes preparation room, two inoculation rooms separate for primary culture and cell lines and a common incubation room. The sophisticated equipment includes inverted phase contrast/ fluorescence microscope and CO2 incubator worth 20 lakhs.

Research activity

The research focus of the lab includes screening of medicinal plants/ phytocompounds for anticancer activity. Cell lines like breast cancer, colon cancer, bone cancer, liver cancer and skin cancer are maintained in this lab. Major research projects related to anticancer activity and gene expression studies has been planned in future. The lab is also open to consultancy services to KCT and outside institutions/ industries on payment basis.




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