Automotive Learning Centre & Product Application Centre

To enhance the fundamental knowledge of the students in basic Engineering Subjects like Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics, etc. and also to realize how the concepts are applied in real time application products like washing machine, car, compressor, fridge, etc., this Learning Centre has been established.

Demonstration of working models will create interest for students, as they can grasp the concepts easily which enhance the teaching and learning process.

Faculty members use this innovative tool to teach Engineering Concepts in a better way by using videos and products. The students are assessed themselves then and there by taking up the Quiz, Assignments in the system as well as uploaded by the respective teachers.


automobile_1CurriculumPlus is a self-learning software tool for Engineering Students consisting of course material in the form of text, pictures and videos as well as linked with real time products. This package is developed by Ilensys Technologies Private Limited, Hyderabad.

It consists of 12 theory subjects and 12 application products for improving the self-learning ability of students. This system can also be used as virtual laboratory with Lab experiments. Students of Mechanical Science and Engineering branches like Mechanical Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Automobile Engineering, Mechatronics and Civil Engineering can utilize this centre to enhance their learning experience.

Curriculum Plus Software
Following mechanical subjects are covered in Curriculum Plus software package
1. Design of Machine Elements
2. Dynamics of Machinery
3. Engineering Materials and Metallurgy
4. Engineering Mechanics
5. Engineering Thermodynamics
6. Fluid Mechanics and Machinery
7. Heat and Mass Transfer
8. Kinematics of Machinery
9. Manufacturing Technology – I
10. Manufacturing Technology – II
11. Strength of Materials
12. Thermal Engineering

Curriculum Plus software are linked to product application, smart lab, engineering theory and interactive products for effective understanding of core concepts.

Product Application Centre
The products displayed in the centre are linked to subjects covered in CurriculumPlus software.

Some of the features of the Product Application Centre are

  • 10+ products from various industries
  • Products are placed in the combination of 1) Functional 2) Cut-section and 3) Teared Down
  • Application-based learning of engineering concepts
  • 50+ interactive activities hands-on and experimental learning

Multiple core subjects are linked with the products which help students to understand the application of different theoretical subjects for making various products.

Outcomes Expected

  • Ensures confident and industry-ready engineers
  • Improve critical thinking and quick comprehension abilities to write competitive exams like GATE, UPSC etc.
  • Developing practical and application oriented knowledge through product application centre (PAC) for Placement Interviews and Projects
  • Enables faculty with digital learning system for effective teaching
  • Self Learning fundamental Engineering subjects through interactive Curriculum Plus software and application products








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