B.Tech AI and DS

The programme has been specifically curated in the laboratories of one of India’s most innovative hardware incubators and draws from inter-disciplinary pedagogy to offer cutting edge learning for data science, deep learning and AI. Build around the CDIO Standard 3 integrated curriculum, this programme integrates personal, inter-personal, product, process and system building skills.



Solutions provider, who builds solutions for real-world problems using well-honed skills acquired during the 4-year programme.


Thinker, who engages in deep work in specific research areas that will impact the way these technologies work for tomorrow.


Doer, who builds skills to become best-in-class professionals / consultants in a specific domain area.


Maverick, who thinks out-of-the-box and sees opportunity that can be scalable, sustainable and make an impact.

Key Program Features

E3 Mentorship Advantage

  • #1 Expertise – Benefit from the expertise of an industry practitioner/academician/research professional
  • #2 Enablement – Personal coaching by an alumnus of the institution with relevant domain expertise
  • #3 Experience – Shadow a family member for cross-disciplinary learning and leveraging traditional values


An innovation driven immersive learning experience that brings together experts, mentors and practitioners and drives students to experience adaptive self-learning. During ProtoSem, students break away from classroom experience to invest their energies and on-ground learning with real-world problems using design, engineering and innovation.

ProtoSem is fertile ground for exploring grants for early stage stat-ups and crack the value-price fit by building deployment-ready prototypes for customer trials and paid pilots.

Industry Certified Courses

A host of specifically tailored industry relevant programmes designed to help students step into working shoes with ease. Immersion Programs in Art/Design/Agriculture/Culture/History/Global

Experiential immersions that offer students unique insights into historical, cultural and global aspects to gain better understanding of people dynamics and the contexts in which real-world solutions must be thought of.


Kumaraguru School of Innovation is looking for professionals with significant global experience in steering intersection of learning and development and technology spaces.





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