Year Name of Inventor/Applicant Title of Invention Application No and date of filing Status
2018-2019 Dr.V.R.Sanal Kumar Discovery Of Sanal Flow Choking Phenomenon 201841049355 (27/12/2018) Published
Discovery of a Variable Speed Electromagnetic Propulsion System using Laser based Timer 201941017105 (30/04/2019) Filed
A Lucrative Method to Recycling Space Debris into Fuels for Chemical Propulsion 201941017106 (30/04/2019) Filed
Dual-head electromagnetic propulsion system for planet landers for soft landing 201841049585 Filed
High heat capacity ratio of biofluid reduces risk of hemorrhage and heart attack 201841043952 (22/11/2018) Published
In vitro prediction of the thermal tolerance level of human being and animals. 201841049592 Filed
Prediction of the lower critical hemorrhage index using the in vitro studies 201841043953 (22/11/2018) Filed
Design of a bean type fuselage for passenger aircraft 201841048835 (24/12/2018) Filed
2017-2018 Dr.V.R.Sanal Kumar Attaining The Critical Systolic To Diastolic Blood Pressure Ratio As A Risk Factor For Heart Attack Hemorrhage 201741044328 (11/12/2017) Published
A closed-form analytical solution for validation, verification and calibration of CFD codes 201741044327 (11/12/2017) Filed
Design of An Electromagnetic Propulsion System For Spinning Planet Landers 201741019592 (05/06/2017) Filed
Conceptual Design Of A Variable Sweeping Speed Space-Broom For Space Debris 201741019591 (05/06/2017) Filed
2016-2017 Dr.V.R.Sanal Kumar Geometry optimization of the bottom surface of a conventional fuselage of a passenger aircraft for lift enhancement 201741013835 19/04/2017 Filed
A unique design of a diffuser- shaped muffler with saw- tooth inner geometry for aerodynamic sound reduction 201741013836 19/04/2017 Filed




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